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EU-Service Directives

With the European Service Directives a legal framework has been provided so simplify the setting up of business branches in other EU member states, therewith the simplifying of the provision of business services across borders. To achieve this goal uniform points of contact should be named, a right to information and an electronic procedure should be introduced, administrative procedures should be configured, approval procedures tightened and in general bureaucratic hurdles removed. You may make use of the uniform point of contact if you would like to set up business as a service provider, take over a business that already exists, your activity requires further official decisions, or legal formalities must be fulfilled. For such cases there are various contact possibilities.

What is the “Uniform Point of Contact”?

If requested the uniform point of contact will coordinate all procedures and formalities required for the taking up and carrying out of your service activity. As a “Guide” and procedure mediator, he will deal with the time-consuming visits to the authorities and make sure that all the authorisation you require is carried out swiftly and from a single source. He informs, advises, takes on applications and takes care of all correspondence between you and the authority responsible for your concern.

Uniform Point of Contact
Encrypted communication, electronically signed applications, qualified and competent information and help regarding your service activity can be found under the Uniform Point of Contact 


Services Provided by the Town of Halle
Via a comfortable method of searching, persons with businesses are able to inform themselves about the services from A to Z provided by the town of Halle  such as, for example, W for waste disposal or S for second home…


Competent Authorities of the town of Halle
You can find the appropriate point of contact for your concern under the departments or in the municipal administration telephone book


Forms and Instruction Leaflets
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Legal Grounds
The legal grounds of each of the town’s services and the municipal administration statutes can be found here
Further federal laws and laws of Saxony-Anhalt...


Town services that businesses can deal with online can be found here...